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Cofrance SARL is the biggest and most serious French aviation charter broker located in Nice and established in 2013 by the aviation insurance industry professionals.

About Us

Cofrance is also known as AVIAV (as a registered TM). Cofrance is a well-established member of major international business aviation associations. Cofrance participates in major international business aviation and travel industry exhibitions, shows and conferences.

Over years Cofrance has developed unique paperless corporate management and business process flow which increased efficiency of corporate governance while reducing the costs and pricing for the clients. The most modern aviation IT technologies and software solutions are implemented in daily operation processes.

Sustainable business aviation is the core speciality of Cofrance. Special carbon offset programs are offered to our clients. Cofrance is the Green private aviation charter broker.

Few years ago Cofrance acquired a fleet of most modern, green and efficient aircraft – HondaJet.

Our History

Cofrance SARL was established

The new French company was established in the historical heart of Nice – Capital of French riviera.

Cofrance started private aviation business

Cofrance joined major Internation private aviation associations EBAA, EBAA France, NBAA and private jet marketing platforms.

Cofrance has acquired the first 3 aircraft HondaJet

3 HondaJet aircraft have been registered in France and started commercial operations in Europe.

Jet Paris SAS was established

New French HondaJet aviation operation company was created.

Premium, High Class Private Jets Fleet

Throughout our operations, our flights have played a pivotal role in facilitating various activities such as business engagements, entertainment ventures, medical evacuations, tourism endeavors, and commerce initiatives. Additionally, we have proudly transported numerous team supporters, ensuring their presence in crucial events.

Moreover, our company has taken on the responsibility of transporting esteemed individuals including heads of corporations, VIPs, and renowned stars. These remarkable journeys have left an indelible impact, transforming both lives and nations. Furthermore, we have catered to an extensive range of passengers, from experienced travelers seeking sophisticated experiences to first-time flyers embarking on unforgettable adventures of a lifetime.

With our commitment to excellence, we have consistently strived to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of our passengers, ensuring their comfort and creating cherished memories.

Cessna 208 Grand Caravan
Embraer 175
De Havilland
Airbus A318
Embraer 120
Boeing 767-200
Bombardier Jet 200
Boeing 767-300F

Meet The Team

You can meet Cofrance SARL team at our head office in Nice or at the most of international private aviation industry events, exhibition, conferences and other gatherings.

Feel free to call us +33629961135 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)


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